November 13, 2021
Robinette’s Trails

2 dueling courses. 1 tough decision.

The Dirty Duel is the only trail race in the U.S. that offers you a choice of courses: Short & Brutal (5K or so) or Long & Difficult (6K or so). Choose your own adventure! A Trail Runner Magazine “Top 15 fall race under 15 miles.”

Runners will split off right after the start in a mad dash back to the finish. Pick from the Short & Brutal course with lots of roots, short, steep climbs, and some crazy off-trail running or the Long & Difficult course that has more mileage and plenty of twists and turns but never leaves the trail and features more flat and fast orchard trails. Runners from both trails will finish with a wild crash course on negotiating the maze of maize (Robinette’s corn maze). Finish with a donut and cider, sharing your experience with friends and family.