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Race Updates & Results

2018 Race Recap
We hope you had a fun morning despite the challenging conditions, or maybe because of the challenging conditions! Congratulations on getting the job done. Thanks so much for racing with us. Hope you made some good memories.

You can find your results at Epic Race Timing. Congrats to everyone for tackling two really challenging courses! If you finished in the top three in your age group but were not around to get your prize, please email me and I will mail it to you.

For you first-time trail racers, know that this is as tough as it gets. Everything you do from now on, at least at the 5-6K distance, will be easier! Stick with it and I’m sure you will love it if you don’t already. In light of Veteran’s Day, a special thank you to those of you who are military veterans, along with police, fire and others who put their lives on the line for us too. I forgot to call attention to you at the start.

Thanks also to:

Please complete our 1-minute survey. This survey helps us improve our races and plan for the future.

Race Photos
Thanks to Jamie Geysbeek Photography for the race photos. Find photos on our Facebook page now and in the days ahead and later on our Flickr page. Flickr will have free high-res images courtesy Jamie Geysbeek Photography.

Lost & Found
Email me if you lost sunglasses, Yaktrax-like traction or a black glove.. I will drop all items off at Gazelle Grand Rapids this week if I don’t hear from you, but we can deliver them to other West MI Gazelle Sports stores.

We have shirts in various sizes. Email if you want one. $10 each.

If you didn’t come to the race but purchased a shirt and would like to see if we have it available, let us know (our policy is that you have to pick up your shirt by the end of the race or we can give it away or sell it, but if it’s available, it’s yours at no cost).

What’s Next?
If you like trails and off-trail running, you should check out adventure racing. I’m biased but there’s nothing like the challenge of racing with a teammate or two through wilderness (never too far from civilization though) for several hours with a map and compass and the terrain to guide your way. It’s really not that difficult. We hold 3-4 clinics a year and lots of online help too. We have three to four races each year of varying locations, lengths and levels of difficulty. This is the largest adventure race series in the U.S thanks to some badass West Michiganders.

Michigan Adventure Race: Winter Edition

  • Jan. 19, 2019 at Camp Roger, Rockford (just 12 minutes from Robinette’s)
  • Three hours of trail and off-trail running, short snowshoe section (equipment provided), basic orienteering, and Amazing Race challenges.
  • Largest winter adventure race in U.S.
  • Two-person or three-person teams
  • Early bird rate until end of November!

Hurt the Dirt

  • April 27, 2019 at Luton Trails, Rockford
  • Presented by Merrell
  • Registration is open.
  • Capped at 550 and expected to sell out in January. More than 125 have registered so far.
  • 1/4, 1/2 and full marathon. Includes pig roast and a finisher award. Shirt purchase is optional.

Thanks again for racing. You guys are the best.

Mark, for Greg and our volunteer team

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