Race Updates & Results

Race Update – Sept. 29

Dirty Duel racers,

Last week Governor Whitmer changed the restrictions on outdoor event group size from a maximum of 100 individuals regardless of venue space to a maximum of 30 individuals for every 1,000 square feet of space. Based on the expansive “hang out” area at Robinette’s, we could legally increase our capacity limits back to normal 700 capacity, although we will err on the side of caution and now hold two races of up to about 275 each (masks on at check in and in the starting chute, wave starts as usual). Holding two races instead of one will also substantially lessen crowding on the trails.

Anyone who wishes to change their start time based on the changes below can do so using the link provided at the top of this email and select Change Category. Please do this fairly soon to make sure you get in under the 275-person cap. The system is set to allow you to make this change at no additional cost, now or after the standard price increase starting October 1 (email me if you experience otherwise).

8 am racers: your new default start time is 9 am. 9 am is our standard start time in other years and allows for temps to potentially warm up. No need to do anything unless you wish to switch to 11 am.

10 am racers: your new default start time is 11 am. No need to do anything unless you wish to switch to 9 am.

12 noon racers: please use the link above to select 9 am or 11 am as your new start time.

2 pm racers: please use the link above to select 9 am or 11 am.

If you are uncomfortable with any of the changes or cannot make the new start times and wish to cancel your entry, we will allow a 100% cash back through October 15. Email us if you wish to cancel.

Thanks in advance for your flexibility! We’re really excited to allow more people to race – and during the morning so that you have more of your day to take a recovery nap after all that suffering and donut eating. 🙂

Dirty Duel/Michigan Adventure Racing

Note to potential top finishers
For those vying for a top 2 finish and wood medal, note that you will be competing against racers from not just the other course but also the other race. Times will be aggregated after the 11 am race. If you run during the 11 am race and are top 2 in your age group, you can pick up your medal in person. Top finishers from the 9 am race would need to pick up their medal from Gazelle Sports GR, Kzoo or Holland. So if you may be a top finisher and would prefer to get your medal right after the race, the 11 am start is recommended (or 9 am racers can check their place online at about 11:30 am and drive back to Robinette’s by 1 pm or so if they want their medal right away).

You can find your results at Epic Race Timing.