We’re getting close to finalizing the courses. We are now test running each of them to ensure they take the same amount of time. Expect only small tweaks to what’s shown below. Short & Brutal in blue, Long & Difficult in red. Long & Difficult starts with a loop in the south orchard before crossing 4 Mile to finish with the north woods. Orange and purple sections indicate where the two courses go off trail, short cut or otherwise differ from the standard West Michigan Trail Runners trail.

We aren’t able to use Provin Trails Park this year due to COVID-related issues (mostly sheriff costs for four offices instead of one if we stick with Robinette’s trails) so there will not be as much off-trail craziness but the north Robinette’s woods is no joke.

Please avoid running these trails when they are busy from fall harvest crowds.

We will flag the trails and use caution tape and arrow signs in off-trail areas. Mile marker signs will be posted as well. Note that you will not be routed through any briar patches or swamps or other ridiculous barriers. We will try to remove as many eye-level branches as possible in the off-trail sections, but we recommend glasses for eye protection just in case.