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Courses were designed and test-run to finish at the same time. Elevation data is inaccurate but the profiles below the maps show you how the courses compare.

Shown below are the 2017 courses. The 2018 courses will be revealed in late October.

Short & Brutal 3.1 Mile (PDF)

Click on View Full Version in map header below to download the GPX file which will help you generally follow the routes if you wish to preview run them.


Long & Difficult 3.6 Mile (PDF)

Click on View Full Version in map header below to download the GPX file.


The first mile of the 3.1 mile Short & Brutal course will have five substantial hill climbs, although none on sand this time. Similar flow and terrain to 2016, although a bit easier in the Provin Trails section. Expect at least one where you may be on your hands and knees to scale it. Survive that punishment and you’ll receive a reprieve with faster, flatter ground but over rooty, twisty terrain for much of the rest of the race. Warning: there will be one steep hill climb just before the 2-mile mark with several bushwhack “routes” to choose from. Briars are present but are scattered and can be avoided. The race will end with the grand finale Corn Maze.

The 3.6 mile Long & Difficult is a more standard trail run, at least the first two miles. The first two miles is mostly flat and fast with a few rolling hills around the one-mile mark. The last 1.5 miles or so is classic Robinette’s north woods with lots of twists, small hills and rootiness. It’s certainly not easy. Long & Difficult will also finish with the corn maze.

We will flag the trails and use caution tape in off-trail areas. Mile marker signs will be posted as well. Note that you will not be routed through any briar patches or swamps. We will try to remove as many eye-level branches as possible in the off-trail sections, but we recommend glasses for eye protection.

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