We are all set with volunteers for the 2020 race. Thank you for your interest!

Give back to the community by supporting recreational events, get involved and meet friends, or support a friend who is racing. Volunteers receive a free shirt, pint or buff; donuts and cider; and $15 off their next race with Michigan Adventure Racing.  Email us if you have questions.

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Here are the primary roles for volunteers. Most roles last from about 7:30 am until 12:15 pm but specific times for each role can be seen when you register. You will have a chance to pick your preferred roles when you register.

1. Course monitors/marshals. Help runners stay on course if confused and call in injuries (bring mobile phone if you have one). Bring and ring a noisemaker, musical instrument or cowbell if you’d like.

2. Aid station volunteers (not in 2020). Mix Gatorade if not already done, pre-fill as many cups as possible, call out if you have water or Gatorade, hand to runners as they go by, pick up cups during and after race. Check fluid levels and arrange for floater volunteer to get more in advance if necessary.

3. Check-in volunteers, parking attendants, traffic control. 

4. Cider and donut prep and serving (tentative; racers may get on their own).

5. Course sweepers and pack up after the race. You can arrive during the race so your shift isn’t so long.